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Our PLC training courses and systems are designed and developed by qualified TAFE teachers with up-to-date "hands on" industry experience.

Systems are configured to provide learners the ability to work with real industrial processes from basic stop start control to very complex process control.

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Fluid Management Training System
  • PLC Training Systems
    • Air Management
    • Fluid Management
    • Motion and Sensing
    • Industrial Automation

Systems provide direct programming access to the most common industrial control systems and network protocols.

PLC Training Course Products
  • PLC Training Course Products
    • PLC Training Systems
    • Project based PLC training
    • Online PLC Training Courses
    • SCADA & Industrial Automation

Training tasks are project based and each task builds on the knowledge gained from the previous project. Starting projects begin with simple task, progressing to complex process control.

Project Learning
  • Project based learning
    • Consolidates learning
    • Basic to advanced
    • Self assessment

Projects are written to meet electrical Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma qualifications. Project outcomes can be mapped directly to units in these courses.

PLC Training Courses
  • Online PLC training courses
    • Self paced learning
    • Designed for "hands on" learners

Tailored On-Line training courses for "off site" learners to catch up on the latest training . Courses to suit your specific requirements, aligned to map to the National Curriculum if required. Click the image for training course samples...

Sample courses
  • Training Course Samples
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