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Q. Are your courses available online?

A. Visit plc-training.com.au/courses for the latest information

Q. Who designs your training systems?

A. Our training systems are designed and developed by qualified TAFE teachers.

Q. Do your course designers have Industry experience?

A. Yes our designers are active right now in Industry and have up-to-date "hands on" experience, in fact our team has a combined Industry experience of more than 50 years.

Q. Do your training systems use current technology?

A. Yes our training systems use the latest equipment that has in many cases just been released to the market.

Q. Do your training courses meet the requirements of the National Engineering Curriculum?

A. Yes we design courses with mapping to Engineering and Victorian Certificate units.

Q. What brand of automation products do you use?

A. We use most of the popular brands or supply Allen Bradley and Rockwell equipment as standard.

Q. Will you build systems to our specification?

A. Yes we will build your system to specification plus provide advice and feedback as well.

Q. Do you provide online training?

A. Yes we will gladly develop training courses to suit your requirements and learning style.

Q. Are your training systems made in Australia?

A. Yes our training systems use Australian manufactures to produce all of our systems.

Q. Will you be developing more products and courses in future?

A. Yes we are constantly developing new courses and systems, please visit regularly for new products.

Q. How do I find out more about your training products?

A. Click on Contact Us to let us know of your requirements.

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